Apparently, today is a great day for new beginnings in my Life. Check out my new Horoscope…

September 6, 2021: You are gifted with your own personal New Year today. You’re getting a second chance to start anew with a clean slate and set some intentions for yourself. Think about the changes you would like to see in your life and start taking the steps to manifest those changes. It’s your time to shine, so let your light radiate from within.

Time flies

So much time, just flying by…

This Hero’s Journey is truly something else, and is a definite catalyst for change…. Oh, just so very many of them, where do I even begin?

I begin here, by allowing myself to just BE, and let my light shine from within.

Back in March 2020, I moved away from my beloved Island home, back to the mainland, doing a complete full circle, not only once, but twice!

As I read my DMP, I am absolutely astounded by the manifestation that is occurring in my life! Many things that just a few short years ago, that seemed so far away, are now realities in my life.

BAM! I AM EXACTLY what I create myself to BE! …And THAT, is a Million $ Entrepreneur!

I just reread the last 2 blog entries that I wrote, and followed the link within- to my You tube channel playlist, which I AM now listening to while I write to you, and…

With tears of Joy streaming down my face, I can honestly say- THIS IS IT!

I Promoted myself during the last year, and the Personal Growth and Transformation that I used the Law of Attraction to attain is Absolutely Phenomenal.

Yes, indeed! My new reality. In the here and now…

I claim my Self Confidence!

I Own my Power!

I have all of the Masterkeys within!

Just this year I was promoted to BE a Master Guide with The Masterkey Experience, a position I have wanted for a couple of years now. So stoked!!! A couple months of practice in, and I find that this is a whole new ball game, and magnificent journey of its own, which I Love!

This program absolutely changed my Life, and taught me the skills that I needed to have to become the person that I am today. The new classes start in just a couple of weeks, and you can sign up for a scholarship here;

Self-Directed thinkers? You Betcha’! That’s what we Live to Create around here!

So, with that being said…

I just returned last night from Orlando, and attending #YEPConvention2021 with my new company, YEP. (Young Entrepeneur Project) Check out one of my 4 new websites here;

I am totally Stoked, and my Vision is Crystal clear, and now bigger than ever.

Whoa! Has anyone here seen this circle before? I sure have… several times now… Mind Blown!

I met so many Exceptional, Phenomenal, and like minded people. This is my business home. This is my business family. This is where I Belong.

I Say… And travelling the World to Exotic Vacation destinations with them? What?! Straight out of my DMP???? Even better!!!!

YES!!!!! Until next time my friends…

Shine ON!

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  • Wow, I am so happy for you! you are such an inspiration for all of us looking for the magical journey to having unlimited bliss!! So proud of you for doing the work and keeping in the game!!

    • Ahhh… Thanks Brenda! Your comment means more to me than you know. 🙂 Yes, living out my purpose in full color is quite the Amazing Journey for us all. I was born to Inspire, and this little tree is getting bigger and stronger day by day, and year by year! Much Love to You!

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