This week in the Master keys is our 3rd word in the Franklin Makeover. I picked Discipline, as this is an area that I need to refine just a bit more. Totally opposite from the busyness of last year (see the story below), this week it has been freezing for days here in Texas, with wind chill temperatures falling into the single digits, along with a winter storm of snow, and mostly ice. I moved all of my plants inside, and now this door is frozen shut. My Peaceful Zone is now nonoperational, so I retreat to find Peace Within….

The Jungle

In being home bound, because of the weather, I’ve had a lot of extra time on my hands. In just sitting back, and enjoying the Silence of my own room… and reading, learning, watching, and observing the natural laws of self healing, I have come to a stunning realization of a couple more of my rarely used skills, although subjects which I’m passionate about. Ah-ha! I am not living up to my full potential. So, NOW is the time to make some more changes, and I step forward into the unknown…….

I remember when my kids were younger, we used to participate in monthly fundraising bake sales. I love creating in this way, and I really miss it, so first, I decide to do some baking.



Yeah, Buddy! Now this is some good eating right here! Ha! I’ve gained 5 pounds in the last 4 days. Yikes!

Pumpkin BreadThen….

I decide to do hours worth of research on another one of my DMP goals….

Whoa! Now, 4 days later- I AM has created her first Project Proposal ever! You can view it here- Orchid Vacation Rentals Proposal

Yes! The birth of yet another Purple Orchid Enterprise is here, and so Perfectly timed!

Game On!

Enter Sandman




The amount I Grow continues to astound me, every day!




Last years’ story:

MK Week 17- The Seven Bridges Road


January 21, 2017

Master Key Experience

My friend of over 20 years, knew that I was really sad last week, so she decided to drive for 4 hours to come visit me, and brought to me this gift. The Butterfly I have named Magnificence! She rides on the dash, everywhere that I go. Her residence is here, next to Jamison. and Sixhunnadolla, and they are more than Happy to have a new family member joining them. ????

This post, like the Seven Bridges Road, needs to be a long one, and yet here I AM, at 3AM, kicking myself in the behind for allowing procrastination to rear its ugly head once again. I promised that I wasn’t going to do this anymore, however, the floodgates of Abundance with my work have opened up for me this past week. I’ve been working about 18 hours a day, and I am so tired that I’m not thinking clearly, so I’m going to Focus on some much needed R&R for the night.




I am now Celebrating The Hero’s Journey, allowing myself to rescue me, living Life Intentionally, and Purposely, with Focus, Determination, and Enthusiasm.

I am going to update this blog over the weekend, and then share my Journey of 1000 miles I’ve been on for these past couple of weeks, with all of you….

Good night all- May Peace BE the Journey…



In observing, and practicing, Discipline this week, which is everywhere, I AM now catching up with all of my assignments, dreams, goals, plans, etc.

I Love feedback, so please feel free to leave me a comment below, and Mahalo for reading my blog!

Peace & Abundance,



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