Master Key Experience Round 2:

Although I wrote this a year ago, I Feel a need to share it with you here, and now, as well.

WOW! When it comes to our ability to Create and Manifest our new Realities, this is it!


I AM is now 51, and Homeward Bound for real!

We attended the MKMMA Retreat, last May. It is an Absolute Game Changer! You can sign up for this next year’s class here…


My brother, who is a 30 year resident of Honolulu, joined us on Kauai for the week, and divulged some information to me about the reconstruction of the Coco Palms Resort on Kauai. The wheel in my head immediately began spinning forward….

I brought the information back to one of the contractors that my company, Purple Orchid Enterprises, works with back here in Texas. He made one effortless phone call to the developers, and the story goes from there……

I say… again, I Persist, and I Win!


Then… as we all know, that sometimes, when we as humans have a revelation, that physical complications make themselves known.

It’s that Old Blueprint again, fighting to stay alive. For the last week, I’ve been very ill, and in the Emergency Room  twice, over the holidays….

I need to be at peak performance for the next 5-10 years at least, in order to complete the many different projects that are planned throughout the Islands.


I need to have surgery, and I need to DO IT NOW!

So, I created a Go Fund Me account. You can follow that story, the updates, and donate if you so choose, here….

Any, and all assistance with this matter is so greatly appreciated.


MK Week 14- Homeward Bound

          MY TRUE ELEMENT                 


This Holiday Week here in the Masterkeys, we were asked to Reflect Back,  Challenge Ourselves, and really Focus on Harmony. As many of you who read my Blog from last week know, I already went back, to squash those Old, Habitual Resentments. I had to, for my own Peace of Mind. The Major Damage that has been done throughout my life had to STOP!  In clearing this channel. yet again, I have discovered that Forgiveness is like struggling to sit still, or tweaking my DMP… a Process, an Evolution of Thought, which is really all there is, and A Real Challenge. 

  In seeking to have Harmony in ALL things,  I have sat, I have cried, I have laughed hysterically at myself and with others, I have written, I have watched movies (which I haven’t done in a couple of years now), I have read others’ Blogs for hours, I have put myself in pairs of shoes that are not my own, and I have deliberately turned my head and walked away from situations in which I do not belong. Now, I do not mind being uncomfortable for a bit, in fact I welcome some situations, as I know that they help me to Grow in my Journey here. But when interference in what I’m learning starts to kick in, enough is enough….. I simply do not allow it anymore. This is Fascinating to me, to say the least….. 

So… this last week, I challenged myself, along with Sixhunnadolla,  

to, within 5 days, earn the money required to reserve a spot in the Kauai retreat. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!! 🙂

YES!! I AM More than Enough! I was made 1st class, BY 1st class, FOR 1st class, and I GO 1st class, because I DO a 1st class Job, in rendering Service. I strive for Excellency in ALL that I do. I AM Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving, Harmonious, and Happy! 

 Waikiki Beach              


I’d like to share a little background here, so you will understand why this Retreat is so very important to me:


          I AM but 7-9 years old, and my Father has left our beautiful home here in North Dallas, and has moved to Hawaii. My older siblings and I start to go visit him during the summers. We travel to all of the different islands, exploring, learning, seeing, doing, and FEELING so many different, wonderful things. I feel safe, secure, and important after all. 🙂

         I AM 10.  My Mom has sold our childhood home, has a new husband, and we now live just outside of Austin.  There is sorrow and strife within the household. My mom has been locked in her room for months. We know she is in there, but are not allowed to see her. My stepfather is very mean, belittling, controlling, and acts out in inappropriate ways. My two older sisters have left the home, and there is just my brother and I left. I am scared, and do not want to be here. 

         I AM 12.  I have grown up to be a Beautiful young lady!  It has been a really tough couple of years, and my brother, being 2 years older, is allowed to hang with his friends, but I am not. I really don’t want to be here, now.   I have become fiercely independent, and very stubborn. I will not listen to any voice of reason. One fateful night, during a fight with my Mom, I am taken to the airport, and put on a plane… I am being sent to Hawaii to go live with my Father…

        I AM 13.  I am happy, and secure within myself, but not within the household. There is a lot of resentment that has built up over the years, and I still will not listen to any voice of reason. I must go, to be free, and learn the only way that I am able… through trial and error. Waikiki and Diamond Head become my home for the next 3 years……



    I Persist until I Succeed.                                                                                                                                          

          I Persist.   I Win.            





 Which brings me to the movies…. I chose to watch October Sky. I could so totally relate to all of the scenarios.  I cried many, many times, and even had to watch it at two separate times.

The negative, belittling, condemning, actions of the father are really heartbreaking, but through it all, Homer managed to Persist, and never lost sight of his Dream of launching a rocket into space. He had a Burning Desire to make that million in one chance a Reality.  He had the bravery, and courage to ask his classmates to help him succeed.  Together, they developed the plan of action necessary to see the goal through to completion.

Through Perseverance, Confidence, and Practice, they gained the interest, and support of the community. They succeed. A publisher approaches. Everyone is Stoked. Amid some harsh persecution,  going to jail, and the family tragedy of the fathers ego, and subsequent injury, and the mothers resentment towards the father, Homer remained Inspired. When the injury occurred, Homer was forced to make some very grown up decisions, sacrificing his dream for his Mom, and older brother, while his father was unable to return to work in the mines, until his science teacher tells him to Follow His Purpose! Not anyone else’s.

 When Homer decides to not work in the mines anymore, but follow his dream instead, the father becomes very resentful, and hateful, they argue, and Homer says he’ll leave forever.  Homer goes on to win the science fair, gain scholarships for all of his team, make amends with his dad,  and see his dream through to completion. 

  I also watched A Good Lie. Wow! I am grateful for my life, and this is enough movie watching for me this week. 😉


Happy New Year To ALL!                                                                            






We are ALL Nature’s Greatest Miracle….





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Peace & Abundance,


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