October is always full of huge changes for me, and I absolutely LOVE this Season! Cooler weather, Falling Leaves, Thunderstorms, Family birthdays, holiday decorations, new careers, etc.

I finally accomplished my own Fall decorating, and emptied a couple more boxes. I now have all of my belongings back from Hawaii, and I’m slowly feeling a bit more complete.

Some of my Fragile items, unfortunately, did not survive the long Journey.

I also started last week with a few very large goals to meet, so I adjusted my usual routine and my working hours, and tweaked my budget just a bit. I needed to pay off the remaining balance of $1600 for the transmission in our only car, and travel to see my grandson for his 4th bday this coming weekend. Mission is just almost accomplished.

Last Wednesday, I freed myself from any more bandages on my nose, and went to apply for my passport. This is a HUGE stepping stone for me. I just gained that much more freedom in my life. Yay! Tropical vacation destinations, and all those bucket list places just became very real probabilities. Hmm…the only thing left to ask myself is where should I go next?

Ah, Yes! Back to my studies…The Law of Giving and Receiving, and Emerson’s Law of Compensation…I absolutely LOVE reading these everyday… and in MK lesson 4 this week, I suddenly remember that I AM the captain of my ship!

4:26 Thought is a mode of motion, and is carried by the Law of Vibration, the same as light, or electricity. It is given vitality by the emotions through the law of Love. It takes form and expression by the law of growth; it is a product of the Spiritual “I”, hence it is Divine, Spiritual, and Creative in Nature.

A Thought charged with Feeling, becomes a Belief, which causes an Action, to create the Results that we seek.

Absolutely Magnificent! I AM back to growing stronger, every day!

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