Pandora’s Box

A Step Back Through Time

This week, I AM sharing a story of my personal growth, and subsequent transformation of the last year, and my Amazing Journey through the process of enhancing my Mind, Body, and Spirit.




Today is my Mom’s birthday. It would have been her 82nd…..

I woke up this morning FEELING as though something was different within my soul. I stepped outside, into my Peaceful Zone, to sit in silence, and contemplate life for a few, when along came the Cardinal family, that occasionally glean for bugs on my lanai. In silently observing these Beautiful birds, my thoughts became more and more focused, and my Spirit within is overflowing with Love, for all of nature, including us humans…..

I felt led to come back inside, and go through a very old box of pictures and journals that I have kept over the years.

I have a life long story in my heart which I absolutely must express, so after several moments with this Pandora’s box, I took a couple of snapshots of the contents thereof.

As is my routine every morning, I then began checking my emails, and and media connections. I posted the following, including the 2 photos above, on my personal FB page without even realizing that it was my Mom’s birthday just yet;

 My Mom loved this author. 💞 Speaking of grief, now 7 years later after she passed on from this world….. May you Rest in Peace Mom, Your Cardinal Spirit has come to visit me many times this past week. As your youngest daughter, I want to personally Thank You for the eternal being that you are, and for the lessons that you taught to each one of us. I’ve managed to go through my box of photos that you saved for me. Ha! Good times, back when I was a very small child of 2-7. I remember those days so very clearly. I have also found my “Pandora’s box” of journals from my teenage years, and I’m just almost ready to read that letter you wrote me way back in 1984…… 👣 🌴 Wow! This is one heck of a Hero’s Journey….🤔

“The five stages – denial, anger, bargaining, depression, and acceptance – are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling. But they are not stops on some linear timeline in grief.”
― Elisabeth Kubler-Ross
  • Suddenly a memory of my Mom’s birthday showed up, and JUST WOW!  The Synchronicity. The Connection. The Everything…..  all comes flowing back with a Beautiful Grace…..
  •  I am now in full meltdown stage, just sobbing, with huge tears Freely Flowing, and I KNOW what step I must take next. I focus my thoughts once again, this time onto the ME of I AM.
  • I view these pictures of me, over and over again, and read a few pages of these journals.
  •  In looking into the mirror, into these beautiful little 2-3 year old eyes…….
  •  I see Focused Intent, Determination, Singleness of Purpose, Enthusiasm, Persistence, Resilience, Laughter, Love, and Happiness…….  Haha!  ….and one bare foot!
  • “One shoe on, and one shoe off.” I used to joke with my own kids about this when they were little, as they thoroughly Enjoyed behaving in this way as well…. WHOA!
  •  Yes! Triumph! Over the last year here in the Masterkeys, I have learned How to rescue myself, and most of all, the WHY!!!!  I AM now Ready to embark on the next chapter of the Hero’s Journey!!!
  •  Baby steps, one at a time, always moving forward, until we gain the Strength, Balance, and coordination to FLY with the wings of Strong, Powerful Eagles. Harmony, with all things, in mid-flight. In this Moment!
  •  So, I make a couple of phone calls, send a couple of private messages setting up yet some more new connections within my new Island home, tentatively secure a place to live on Kauai, continue checking my emails and the story unfolding at the Coco Palms Resort, join in on our every Sunday afternoon webinar with Mark J., and Celebrate this giant leap forward into the unknown.
 Whew! What a day!
  • Now, I’m onto the tedious task of choosing what to keep, or not keep, and packing the rest of my belongings. Then there’s all the final logistics coming into play.
  •  DMP (Definite Major Purpose) Manifestation 101? You got it! Absolutely, and Effortlessly……
  •  I just Love the Fact that my own thoughts create my own reality. This is already some really exciting FUN!
  •  I need to get busy with the next step now, so I leave you now, with this….
Last Year’s story-

Week 17HJ- Navigating Myself

     The last couple of weeks here in the Masterkeys have been quite fascinating, to say the least. I have been led from one extreme to the other, and back again, continuously stretching my potential until it cried for mercy….

It is 4:30 am here in Texas, and my Self has just awoken me from a very sound slumber, Knowing that I have a 5am deadline to write to ya’ll. I am almost fully awake, and am now going to make the time to write, regardless of anything else that needs to be happening in this moment.  It takes me 3-4 hours to write like I want to.  Like I need to!  I want to write so much, that I could spend hours on a deserted beach, or on a boulder in the middle of a mountain stream, doing just that.    

              Simply Beautiful                                                                       

    Hmmm… yet another Burning desire, growing ever nearer in the distance… As the Eagles sang in one of their best songs…. “Somewhere out here on this horizon, I see the lights of a neon sign…” Brenda’s Purple Orchid Enterprises Youtube Playlist                      

    Navigating this 7 bridges road that I live on, quite literally, is dangerous and breathtaking all at the same time. Although I have learned to live by the compass, unfortunately most of society still runs on time. In my current working environments, this is a struggle. It seems as though there just aren’t enough hours in the day anymore. I am remaining eager, focused, grateful, courageous, bold, kind (for the most part), consistent, grounded, etc. through this whole process…. S-T-R-E-T-C-H!!! I am so very grateful for all of the lessons that we learn here, and for all of YOU, who actually understand the value and meaning that each of us bring to our very own lives. What an Incredible Journey we are all on….

     My virtue to educe this week has been discipline, which I thought I had for the most part, and have done really well with lately. However, I have spent a lifetime of why’s, that haven’t really gotten me anywhere but around in the same old circles. Why did I procrastinate? Why did I sacrifice everything for others, not leaving any time for what I wanted, and needed to do? Why did I not see myself as but a grain of sand? Why did I see myself as Unimportant? Unseen? Invisible?  

Too many why’s….  Stop It! LOL….

STEP 1. Back to Og, and Mandino….

   In the silence, I can see, and feel my whole world shaking- with huge chunks of cement crumbling to the ground. Wow! I am not the same person that I was at all…

I chose to go across this scary bridge, and through this scary door-

           And look what I found…. 

                 BAM! I found myself! Whole, Perfect, Strong, Powerful, Loving,                                                                                                                                              Harmonious, and Happy!

 I gave myself Permission to be Happy, and I gave myself Permission to rescue ME…. and here I AM. I have allowed my old self to slowly die, and I have ignited that Divine spark, and seriously fanned that flame. Although all of these exercise bridges have been very tough on me, shaking me to my very core, again and again, I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM, and I have managed not to drown in the very deep waters of the abyss, and I have made it full circle in this Hero’s Journey. For I am a Mountain, NOT just a grain of sand!!!

I have become Transcendent… 

 Game On! 🙂                

Wow! In reviewing the above, I have to say it is definitely Game On! As always, any comments are greatly appreciated, so please feel free to leave me one below.

Until next time…

Peace & Abundance,


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    • Mahalo, Lori! Whew! Sunday was a rough day. However, I do enjoy every step in this Journey, regardless of the lesson being taught. LOL. I Love it!- one shoe on, one shoe off. That way, I remain Safe, Grounded, and Free! 🙂

  • Great blog, and thank you for sharing last years blog as well! It seems like you are trully connected to the Universe and making a marvelous life journey. Thank you for sharing!

    • Hey, Monica! Thank You! I’m including last years’ blogs with all of these new stories, so eventually most of my content ends up here on this website. The connection going on is marvelously indescribable sometimes. It’s Pure Magic! Mahalo for reading, and leaving me a comment.:)

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