Whew! What a busy busy Season it is! The photo above is an everyday occurrence here. My daily commute. I’ve learned how to navigate around the worst of rush hour, however, 3 days in the last couple of weeks, it took me 1 hour and 15 minutes to commute 29 miles. What??!! Within the law of averages, this is unacceptable to me! As they say here in Hawaii, I NO CAN DO!!!!!

All of this needs to come to a screeching halt, and it just did.

For the first time in years… I slept in until 8am, after 11 hours of Peaceful slumber. It is cold, very windy, and rainy. As I sit here enjoying my coffee, and listening to the wind and the rain, that sense of change in the air is very strong again, and my mind wanders into the list of actions that I know I should be taking, instead of driving 10 hours per day. Every day. 7 days a week. I am tired. My ride is tired, and WHOA! I absolutely have to slow myself down…. And right NOW!

I am so very Grateful to have the ability to make the choice to just take the day off and just BE present, and accomplish many to-do items here in the homefront. So, for the first time in 6 months, I am doing just that. Organizing myself, my office, and my personal space here has been a moving goalpost for what seems like an incredibly long time now. I also just now realized that It’s been 2 months since I last wrote a blog. Wait!!! Where does the time go? This is also unacceptable for me.

Ha! I Persist until I succeed where work is concerned, now it is time to do it here. I’ve got cinnamon rolls baking, and I really want to make some Gingerbread cookies, cranberry bread, pies, etc. I can smell the deliciousness now. 🙂 Hmmmm….. suddenly my Press Release comes to mind. Just Wow! The permanent links which have been created over the last 4 years through this Masterkey journey are simply Phenomenal! They are just there. Right like that. Like snapping your fingers…. How exciting to know that I always have the choice to create whatever I want.

Today- I am Peaceful, Calm, Thoughtful, Motivated, and most of all- FREE!

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  • Hopefully, your commute has gotten better as far as time is concerned. Way to go on connecting one the 5 senses to your press release!!

    • Mahalo, Stephanie! Just yesterday, I stopped at the beach for a moment, and connected 3 senses to my DMP as well. I just Love this whole Experience! 🙂

  • “Today- I am Peaceful, Calm, Thoughtful, Motivated, and most of all- FREE!” Love this, thanks for making the time to share your blog with us! 💛🧡💖

  • Happy 2020,

    I hope you have a fabulous TRIP around the Sun.
    I am so glad and excited for your last 11 1/2 weeks of MKE. Hope you find the TRUTH in the Franklin Makeover, and creating for yourself a Journey to look forward to every minute of your life.

    SOOO Glad you posted.

    Isn’t this MKE amazing. Yes, It is difficult and challenging…but each requirement is for your benefit. If you don’t do it, it’s like leaving food on the table, or worse $$$ thrown in the garbage. Yesterday is gone. the Past is over…. can’t do anything about it….just proceed forward and into the future, and fully taking the present time, present moment, present energy to FULL ADVANTAGE.

    Also, if you do recap the Weekly blogs, it will only bring joy for the subby and remove more cement. (MKE language).

    Julie Standish

    • Aloha, Julie! Life is a Fabulous Trip! 🙂 I’ve always dreamt of moving back to Hawaii. 18+ months ago, I manifested that into reality. I Love the challenges, as they allow me to grow. Just today, my brother and I were thrown a curveball, seemingly out of nowhere, when our father’s realtor stopped by to appraise the house for listing. Haha! Here we go again, onto yet another journey! The next blog post is in the making, as I have chosen Organized Planning for this week’s makeover, and I definitely need it, as my room remains disorganized. 🙂

  • Hola from México, Brenda! Wow, that’s a lot of commuting, glad you’ve decided to change that. Also, I just love how you take challenges, your strength is really inspiring to me.
    Don’t forget to write more often in here!

    Warm hugs.


    • Alejandro! It’s great to hear from YOU! Haha! My word for this week is Decisiveness, and Wow! Are there some BIG decisions to be made ASAP. Mahalo for being an Inspiration to me as well. I’ll get right on that writing more often. I have SO much to share. 🙂

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