Once again, I have totally stunned myself this week….

In journeying through the Masterkeys, all of us Nature’s Greatest Miracles are working on The Franklin Makeover.

I AM excited to do this for the 4th year in a row, and compare my NOW to back then. This week I AM Focusing on Decisiveness, and My Goodness, do I have some big decisions to make, like right now.

View from the Roof

My Father has decided to sell his home here in Honolulu, which my son and I are currently living in. As many of you know, this is the exact home that I lived in back in 1979-1981, when I was just a young teen. My brother would love to buy the home, as he’s always thought that one day it would become his. However, he doesn’t quite yet qualify for the $800,000 mortgage loan. This absolutely breaks my heart, and I find myself thinking of ways that maybe I could help him keep the home within the family. For us, for him, and for my 2 nephews.

So, what do I do? Help him buy this home (which is perfectly described in my DMP, and a met goal)?

Rent another home? Whew! I’ve looked, and prices are extravagant here. Yes, this is Paradise, but is it really worth it?

Or move back to the mainland, to either Colorado, or Ohio. Brrrrr…

Decisions… Decisions…

In weighing my options, and re-evaluating my priorities, I look within for the answers, and I feel my Higher Purpose calling me. BIGTIME! Perfect timing for Week 17HJ, coming right up!

I decided to call my two middle daughters and ended up speaking with both of them for almost an hour each! Oh, how I miss my kids, my two grandkids, and my own two sisters. I feel a strong need to do what I can do here, and then go back to the mainland, and go on a really long road trip, for months, and just write, and write, and write…..

I remember my Mom doing this the year that I was 16, when I returned to her from this very home, and these very streets. She picked me up at the airport in LA, in a Dodge Maxivan that was customized for camping, and we commenced on a Journey that took us from CA, to Oregon, and then south across the country all the way back to Dallas. During this time, we both did a LOT of just Being – On the beaches, in the mountains, and throughout the desert.
We were both Journaling about our life experiences. I’ve kept these journals, and added to them, all throughout the last 40 years. They’ve survived a house fire, two divorces, a few broken relationships, a few cross country, and many local moves. They move with me, everywhere I go. Just like #Sixhunnathousandolla, they have Life, because the Power of an object, is the object Itself.

I’ve decided that the time to compile what’s written within is now, because this week, one of my favorite songs is on my mind… RUSH- Freewill. “If (when) you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.”

Just close your eyes, and Listen to the Words… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Cgm9ZoXdrA&list=PLpquylsT4AXaBczMURRj8IBf7S1VglLzn&index=34&t=0s

WHOA! So many memories just came flooding back!

Wowza! Have I really grown in so many exponential ways! There are times when I don’t even recognize myself anymore, and really, that’s a good thing! 

I find my thoughts wandering as I drive, and work, and enjoy the gorgeous scenery which surrounds me. This Island. This home. These roads…. 

Oh, the memories of so many life experiences, and lessons learned. The struggle of my chosen homelessness, and how I even managed to survive those early formative years is beyond me, but not beyond My Spirit…. She knows the way. and the WHY. 

With so many chapters just waiting to be written…..

Until next time… Peace to you ALL….

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