The following is a story of Courage, Focus, Determination, and most of all Persistence.

The Master Key Effect

Here in The Masterkeys over the last 2 years, I have learned so very much about myself and others.

Knowledge that, for decades now, I have just swept under the rug for the most part. WHY?

We were all brought forth with a purpose, so WHY do we try to hide our light? Why do we not live up to our full potential? I’ve learned it’s because we frighten ourselves, knowing that we are Powerful beyond Measure.

Limitless, Infinite, and Free. Whole. Perfect. Strong. We are Harmomy, and we are Love.

We truly are the thoughts that we think on a consistent, daily basis.

Two years ago, my life was just a hot mess….. so I made the decision to be a faithful student to the Master Key sytem, and Voila! My life changed, just like that! It was a lot of very serious inner work, however, so very worth the sacrifice I made.

Last year, I decided to be an Intern Guide within the program, to assist in helping others to learn how to create the life of their dreams, and albeit very challenging, I wouldn’t trade the experience for anything. There were loving, life long relationships with complete strangers formed, and BAM! I just grew some more! Fantastic!

This year, I AM a Certified Guide, and so very grateful for the abundance which surrounds me every day. In 3 days, the course starts again for this year, and I AM Super Stoked about what these coming months hold on store for all of us!

Let’s DO this! Hands down, this is the Best thing anyone can do for themselves. You may sign up for the course here.

A Dream is Born

In May 2017, while attending the annual Master Key Live Event on Kauai, I made the concrete decision to finally leave Texas after 35 years, and move back to my Island home.

Oh my Goodness, 45 years is a long time for us to deny our True Selves!

I made a promise to myself, as well as everyone else, that I would be back, within one year. I returned home to Texas, and with steadfast determination, and Persistance, I Intently Focused on WHO and WHY I really AM. I sold both of my homes, sorted through decades worth of belongings, tied up all loose ends, shipped 27 boxes, and hit the road in my beloved Tahoe, resolving to visit my family across the country on my way to Hawaii. Eleven months later I arrived here on Kauai, to ground my toes firmly in the sand once again. Here’s the rest of the story as the Journey is written…

As The Journey Begins

One day in March of 2018, my youngest daughter calls, to ask if I would be willing to fly to Las Vegas and babysit my 6 month old Grandson for a night. Ha! Well, of course!!! There’s Liberty and Legacy all over this request. As it turns out, a small family reunion was formed. We flew to Nevada, and stayed in this Gorgeous timeshare for the weekend. 

We met up with my Father (now 85) in Red Rock campground, and did some moderate hiking, and had a few geological lessons.  I find myself totally impressed at my Father’s ability to still hike at his age, and Whoa! DeJaVu…..

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        This reminds me of the lessons that he used to teach my siblings and I, back when I was but a small child of 7 years old, and now he’s teaching my children, and my grandchildren. I feel within my Spirit, the closure of a long, and complicated chapter.

Legacy                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I can feel my soul breathing huge sighs of relief…..

Wonder. Curiosity. Adventure. Peace. Fulfillment.                                                                                                                            They were all right here with me, for all these decades. I just never set them Free…..

We returned back to Texas, and with this Newfound Freedom, picked up my beloved Tahoe, a few personal belongings, and with #Sixhunnadolla as the captain of this ship, drove off into the sunset, all the way to Raleigh, N. Carolina, to spend a week with my youngest daughter, and this very handsome little guy……

From East to West

As I gaze into this precious little face of my grandson, and these big, beautiful brown eyes, I see the illuminating light of childlike curiosity, wonder, and LOVE.  My heart is suddenly torn into pieces. Should I stay, or should I go? I’ve already shipped my belongings, and I’ve already left my home. I’ve already purchased my flights, and I made a promise to myself, that I must keep…..

We leave the Tahoe behind in NC, and we fly to Colorado to spend a week with my 2nd daughter, and my now 10 year old grandaughter. We hike, explore, and breathe in the cool, crisp mountain air….







I find my thoughts wandering again, not really wanting to leave here either, although I really don’t do so well in cold weather.








Oh, Geez…. suddenly the question of “What do you want?” scrolls through my mind, over and over again…..

A week later, we continue our Journey Westward, this time driving through Utah, Nevada, and Southern California.

We are headed to my Aunt Nancy’s home for a few days….., and Wow! All of these childhood memories come washing over me, bringing fond memories of a time when life was so much simpler.

These states, this road, this home, this yard, these people… OMG! To see my family again, after all these years……

I’m now speechless. Where has the time gone? I’m still only 27, right?

Across The Ocean Of Time

All throughout this Journey, we’ve spent time with the family, made some really good friends, and met some of the most dynamic people ever!!!!

Alas, it is time to leave, and with the excitement of a dream manifesting to fruition, we board the plane and fly to Kauai.

We drove over 3500 miles, and flew twice that far to reach our destination, and now, 4 months later, this Amazing Journey continues, this time from our Tropical Island home….

All the memories, all of the choices, and all of the decisions to either make, or not make……





Until next week… LOVE, Peace, and Abundance to All.






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  • Good read.More?Please explain sihundreddollar.I saw it but dont know the story of it.Im glad you are finally happy again Brenda.I miss ya girl.

    • Aloha, Dana! Thank You! While you are on my website, you can go back and read every story I’ve ever written. The post right before this one, last January, is a real tear jerker about my Mom. 🙂 Sixhunnadolla, now renamed Sixhunnathousandolla, lol, is my tiki navigator. He attracts fortune. My brother gave him to me years ago. Long story….. I’ll write a blog about him soon. 🙂

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