This, my friends, is one of my original stories from http://brenda.ourmasterkeyexpe…. I AM including it here to define self discovery and personal transformations, and open it up for comments, or sharing below.

Imagination is one of the Master Key’s!

It is an absolutely gorgeous morning here in the islands. There are sounds of children’s whispers and little feet beginning to tip toe throughout the house, and the other guests, and families, are also beginning to awake. It is Sunrise, and the salty ocean breeze is gently blowing in through the open windows. There are Christmas lights, and candles, still illuminating the house from the wonderful Christmas Eve gathering here last night. I am enjoying Freshly brewed Gourmet coffee, and Gingerbread cookies, in the breakfast nook which faces East, looking out over the expansive deck and onto to the beach. Brenda is in the very large kitchen, preparing hot cocoa and glazing a Christmas Ham. The smell of freshly baked gingerbread cookies, cheesecake, pineapple, and ham wafts through the air.

I received the invitation from Brenda for my family and I to spend the Christmas holidays here, a couple of months ago. She expressed wanting to personally show us her gratitude for always believing in her, and leading her to Christ when she was in her mid twenties. Being One with the Universal, we graciously accepted. Although we haven’t seen her in 20 years, through social networks, we are all still connected. I have often admired her strength and resiliency, through tragedy and triumph. While I sip my coffee…. I am wondering about a few things…

Oh, here she comes now, to join me for a cup of coffee on the back deck! I think I’ll just ask her………

“Brenda, just 5 short years ago, you were living in Montgomery. Surviving, but yet not really living to the fullest. Now, you are so Grounded, and Peaceful, and truly living in this beautiful spacious home, with your extended family here with you celebrating this day. Looking out over the grounds, I really admire this landscaped yard, and (picking up a shell out of the table arrangement), these sea shell collections are Magnificent! Just how exactly did you manage to manifest all of this?”

She takes a long sip of her coffee, deeply breathes in the fresh air, and smiles as big as the sun!

And your mountain retreat in Colorado, and your Lavender SUV!!! WOW! I’ve seen the pictures, and read your stories, and your life there is just as splendid, if not more so!! You are obviously happier than ever, and very Affluent. I mean, just look at all these blessings, and riches in your life! And your family… What a great legacy you have created for them!”

“Haha! Okay, I’ve had enough coffee for a moment, now it’s your turn…”

She smiles again, and nods her head in agreement. With a twinkle in her eye, she takes another big sip of coffee, and excitedly begins this story……

Well, all of this started in 2016. After several years of just living a mediocre life, and raising my kids the best that I knew how, as a single mom, I needed some help with coping, so I started meeting with my life coach. Even at 27 years my junior, she was forever telling me that I could be whatever I wanted to be, and to not say that I’m broke, among other things, or I surely would be. She told me that my mind attracts what I say, and what I feel…. I did not understand this concept at that time. However, she is the daughter of one of my great friends, and so I became the silent observer of their successful growth within a program presented by someone named Mark J.

Deanna and Kendra attended an MKMMA retreat in Kauai, and I remember being so envious, and really wishing that I was there with them. I called Deanna, and she said that it was not too late to join them, that all I had to do was make that choice. I immediately thought, yeah right, I don’t have the money for airfare, let alone anything else. Over the next couple of months, I received a couple of video links via email. My curiosity was getting the best of me, so I watched them, and BAM! I knew that this was it! Exactly what I needed!

So, What happened?” I have to admit, at this point I’m even getting excited from the pure energy , enthusiasm, and authentic story being told… “Maybe we should enjoy another cup of coffee together…”

OK, but wait… this gets better…. S0, I signed up to be on the waiting list for the next years class. Then, I applied for a Pay It Forward Scholarship, which was accepted. I couldn’t believe it! Me? Accepted into a program with The Master Key Master Mind Alliance? The name itself gives me chills….

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Right On! I was immediately Stoked, and drawn to discover and learn all that I could. I watched a couple more videos, and saw Kendra in both, on the beach, in complete bliss, stating that “There’s nothing like it!” What? I could hardly believe my eyes!
That’s incredible! How did that make you feel?”

Well, I felt important, wanted, loved, and one with my new community. I had a burning desire to learn everything I possibly could about how to create for myself, a new reality. As students, going back to school, one of the first assignments was to create a Blog for our journey. Fantastic! I love to write, anyway, and I thought, this is going to be fun! We were also all instructed to begin reading a book by Og Mandino, The Greatest Salesman in the World. Then, we started learning about the importance of refining and focusing daily on our Definite Major Purpose, which is what we really want out of life, and our Personal Pivotal Needs, mine being Liberty and Legacy. Under the direction of my guide, I refined, and rewrote, my DMP for a month, until I got it just right. My Needs? Well, you are experiencing them, here and now, in this moment! We learned to meditate, and really Feel, and listen to ourselves within. In the stillness, I cried, I laughed, I wrote, and I became enthusiastic, and grounded. Finally, a firm foundation under my feet.

Very interesting….. Please tell me more.” Still sitting on the deck, the sun now well risen, we hear one of Brenda’s daughters ask if she may join us for coffee. Brenda responds to her “Oh, absolutely you may! Here are our empty cups.” When she returns, she brings out a tray of Gingerbread cookies as well. Brenda continues with her story….

Now, there was already a family reunion secured in Colorado, for the week right before the start of class, but I did not allow either scenario to interfere with the other. In fact, I was super excited, and telling my family of my plans… There were 26 of us in attendance, and some of us hadn’t seen each other in 17 years. An absolutely peaceful time was had by all. Wow! What an incredibly inspirational vacation, and such perfect timing! One of the days my Aunt Nancy (whom I hadn’t seen in 17 years), and I, hiked to a waterfall together. We had an absolutely magical time, and connected like it was just yesterday… This was just the beginning of the adventure…..

I started dreaming, and constantly thinking of being able to pass this life down to my own kids, and future generations. It humbles me, and pleases me, to watch them apply the principles that they have observed me learning over the last 5 years, and apply it to their own lives. My home here, and the one in Colorado, provide a safe haven for the kids, while they grow and learn these very same principles. They also are to be enjoyed by everyone who visits, whether it be family, friends, or vacationers.

Brenda takes a bite of her cookie, closes her eyes for a moment, and breathes in a deep breath….

In the silence, I hear the ocean waves in the background. I think of the Brenda that I used to know. Intrigued, I lean in, and quietly ask her- ” What is the one principle which helped you the most?”

She opens her eyes, and gazing directly into mine, very calmly states the following: The one principle that I have mastered, and stands out the most for me, is the Law of Giving and Receiving. I live by it, every day, in everything that I do. I live with pure Gratitude for the Blessings that have been so immensely bestowed upon me! That is how I am able to enjoy all of this…

I desire to help others to learn to have this Bliss, and Liberty, and to be financially free, so I have successfully built up my all 4 of my businesses, and in everything, I use only the best processes, for the benefit of all. She smiles again, this time, absolutely beaming, as big as the now bright yellow sun, and says, I am hungry. Shall we go inside to join the others’ and celebrate together?

Yes, absolutely we shall… Thank You for answering my questions, and sharing with me this Magnificent story. You have truly inspired me…”

We all gathered around a fantastic spread of Christmas dinner, then joined together in the expansive living room, and opened the abundance of gifts that are under the most gorgeous green Christmas tree that I have ever seen! We then went for a quite Merry stroll along the beach. I have a feeling that this is just the beginning, for so many!

It has indeed, been an Awesome vacation! To be continued….

Peace & Abundance,


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    • Oh, Thank You! I actually wrote it just at over a year ago. This is my dream, this is my goal, and with a lot of hard mental work, focus, and determination, this is very quickly becoming my reality. My second grandbaby was born 2 months ago, and my son and I are moving to Hawaii before June. Supports system is in place, and everything is all good.

      We are what we think we are, and can be whatever we will to be.

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